Organizing and scaling an effective data team

Organizing and scaling an effective data team Here’s a high-level sketch of how to organize and scale an effective data team. First, for the avoidance of doubt, a company should have an expressly-organized data team whose strategic purpose is advancing the company through data. Some analysts siloed within the finance and product teams won’t cut […]

Companies as hierarchical equations

Companies as hierarchical equations Personally, I think of companies as hierarchical equations where inputs at one level are outputs of the next. E.g., for a subscription co:– Revenue = Users * LTV– LTV = Conversion * Retention * ARPPU– Retention = D1 * W1 * M1 …… Eventually you get to ownable metrics. — Rob […]

A friendly intro to deep learning

A Friendly Introduction to Deep Learning In case helpful to anyone, below are slides corresponding to a talk I gave (at @prinutt‘s one of famous Brunch and Learns) called “A Friendly Introduction to Deep Learning”. Voiceover is in the speaker notes so I’d strongly suggest opening them. Please do let me know if I can […]


Problems In no particular order, this is a running list of problems which I’ve experienced and that I’d like to see solved. Most items warrant much decomposition. Organizations tend to become more bureaucratic and extractive with scale and age. Regulations tend to stifle innovation and competition and have unintended side-effects. Humans die of natural causes. […]