In no particular order, this is a running list of problems which I’ve experienced and that I’d like to see solved. Most items warrant much decomposition.

  1. Organizations tend to become more bureaucratic and extractive with scale and age.
  2. Regulations tend to stifle innovation and competition and have unintended side-effects.
  3. Humans die of natural causes.
  4. Interacting with doctors, hospitals requires tons of waiting.
  5. Most students don’t get attentive, supportive instruction either at school or at home.
  6. The climate is increasingly volatile.
  7. Homeownership is an unproductive and unsustainable wealth-building vehicle.
  8. Traffic is enormously costly.
  9. There’s an incomprehensible amount of animal suffering in the world.
  10. Inputting text into a phone  – whether by thumbs or voice – is slow, unreliable, disruptive.
  11. People have a lot of memories they’re unaware of.
  12. Sleep is unproductive time.
  13. Things sell out sometimes.
  14. Structuring and cleaning source data to be usefully queryable is expensive.
  15. When joining a preexisting team, it takes weeks (at minimum) to get caught up to speed.
  16. Remote work lacks natural serendipitous + social interactions.

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