Hey folks! I'm Rob.

I’m most excited about building technologies and organizations to empower growth and maximize fulfillment, and I try to do this through my work with startups. I’m an extreme techno-optimist and believe we can engineer our way out of the biggest problems we face. I observe that competitive markets are the greatest progressive force we’ve yet invented and that nothing motivates teams’ excellence like combining prosocial mission with wealth creation.

I live in New York City, am good at speaking in accents, bad at not burning my mouth, and when I was five made cold calls selling electric fences to neighbors in case the dinosaurs came back. I’ve always liked games (esp. KOTOR, BioShock) and have never liked chocolate. I love sundays. My wife, Tori the Great, is the most resilient and compassionate person I know. Our son Landon is wise beyond his months.

I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new ideas.

These are the jobs I've had:

These are some things I enjoy:

  • Business analysis and strategy
  • Data science and engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Economic engineering
  • Infrastructure, in every sense
  • Human-product interaction
  • Human-human interaction
  • Education
  • Health sciences and healthcare
  • Sci-fi and world-building
  • Games and VR
  • Skiing
  • Biking
  • Stand-up comedy
  • The New England Patriots
  • The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

These are the data-related technical skills I have so far:

Data science:
Classifiers, clustering, experiment design, neural networks (MLPs, RNNs, GANs, RL), NLP (language models, summarization, translation), recommender systems, survival models

Data infra:
Customer data platforms (Segment), cataloging/discovery (Atlan), ETL (dbt, Fivetran, Stitch), experimentation platforms, ML ops (feature versioning, feature stores, model versioning, etc), reverse ETL (Census), warehousing (BigQuery, Snowflake)

Software languages:
JavaScript / TypeScript, Python / Cython, SQL, Swift

Here's where else you can find me:

This is me and some people I love:

These are some photos I'm happy to have taken over the past few years: